November 10, 2020

Garver-led pump audit highlighted in WE&T magazine


When one Colorado community called, Garver’s Water Technology Team answered to determine the cause of pump failure and evaluate next steps.

Garver Water and Energy Practice Leader Eric Dole, PE, PSAP, led an audit that leveraged his experience performing wire-to-water efficiency tests to develop a baseline of the existing energy intensity. This led to optimized pumping operation through the development of energy efficiency measures.

Dole recently detailed the work performed by him and Garver’s Water Technology Team in an article that appeared in Water Environment & Technology magazine, published by the Water Environment Federation. The article detailed the failure of the pump at the Consolidated Mutual Water Company’s primary booster pump station and the utility’s decision to pursue a pump audit, which determined the cause of the failure and helped avoid future failures on the other pumps at the same station.

Dole’s findings offered options for both no-cost and low-cost energy efficiency measures, both of which were aimed at increasing efficiency and reliability, reducing energy consumption, and lowering the total cost of operation.

Dole, based in Garver’s Denver, Colorado office, was one of the world’s first Pump Systems Assessment Professionals (PSAP), a certification offered by the Hydraulics Institute. The Hydraulic Institute (HI) is the global authority on pumps and pumping systems.

Dole specializes in delivering sustainable infrastructure solutions that optimize hydraulic systems and treatment processes. He currently serves on the Water Research Foundation’s Energy Advisory committee, where he advises the group on energy efficiency and process optimization.

To learn more about Garver’s Water Technology Team, visit our Water Technology Team page.

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