November 09, 2022

McLellan joins Garver Aviation to lead Strategic Funding Team

As Strategic Funding Manager, McLellan offers a unique and valuable service to airports, funding agencies, and communities.

Megan McLellan is, in baseball terms, a utility player. She can skillfully play many positions within the field of airport funding and project development. Since her experience with airport funding began in 2006, she’s served in Texas and Louisiana State Aviation Offices, and at multiple airports across the country. Now, she and the Garver Aviation Team are filling a crucial services gap, offering non-hub and general aviation airports a one-stop shop for the entire funding and project development life cycle.

“Megan’s experience working with airports has given her incredible insight into airport needs, plus the needs and requirements of funding agencies,” said Garver Director of Aviation Frank McIllwain, PE. “That insight and expertise mean that her team can ensure clients receive necessary funding for—and invaluable airport savvy and technical assistance with—project development.”

“I’ve done everything from beginning to end from the airport side,” McLellan said of experience with project development. “Plus, I speak the language of the FAA. And I’ll provide that background and help to any airport that needs it.”

McLellan sees her role at Garver as a unique opportunity to be an airport advocate, and to help funding agencies invest recent infrastructure monies in worthy projects that will be done well and that will lead to economic benefit for communities. For Garver, she’ll work with general aviation and non-hub airports across the country to execute the administrative process of applying for, accepting, and implementing the grants that fund capital projects and programs.

It’s an opportunity she couldn’t refuse, from a firm that is trusted throughout the industry and with which she has worked before.

“I wanted to work for someone I can vouch for, who I wanted to keep working with,” she said. “With Garver, I can definitely vouch for the people, the product, and the projects.”

To start a conversation about how Garver Aviation can help with your strategic funding efforts, contact Megan today.

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