December 11, 2017

Garver adds Gorsegner to Wellness team

Garver adds Gorsegner to Wellness team

Over the last decade, Garver has experienced unprecedented growth, expanding our services into new markets and adding expert professionals who aid clients like never before.

But Garver takes seriously its commitment to maintaining a healthy workplace and a positive company-wide culture, and with that effort in mind, Garver is pleased to announce the hiring of Wellness Coordinator Whitney Gorsegner, who will help advance its award-winning, employee-focused Wellness Program.

“No matter how much we continue to grow, promoting a health-conscious workplace will always be one of our top priorities,” said Wellness Team Manager Sarah Palmiero. “Whitney’s experience as a dedicated advocate for a healthy lifestyle will be a welcomed addition, and will provide even more support to our employees and their families.”

Gorsegner comes to Garver with experience in developing personal training, group fitness, and health education curriculum, while serving as an advocate for healthy eating as a foundation for quality life. She is a Certified Health Education Specialist and a certified personal trainer by the American Council on Exercise.

“I firmly believe that lives can be changed simply by showing people of any age how fun being healthy can be,” Gorsegner said. “I’m positive that we’ll continue to create an environment in which our employees continue to discover the benefits of healthy lifestyles.”

As part of Garver’s People Services Team, Palmiero and Gorsegner will work together in advancing the award-winning Wellness Program with continued support of its employees and families in achieving overall physical, mental, financial, and social well-being. In 2017, 99 percent of 

Garver employees participated in the Wellness Program, with almost 40 percent earning financial rewards for hitting established benchmarks. Garver was named earlier this year a Gold Well Workplace by the Wellness Council of America and was named among the Top 100 Healthiest Employers at FitBit Captivate 2017.

As Wellness Team Manager, Palmiero will continue to direct overall programming, while concentrating on disease management efforts and total rewards support, while Gorsegner will focus on health promotion, employee engagement, and program administration.

To learn more about how Garver’s Wellness Program contributes to its award-winning culture, visit,

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