December 17, 2020

Garver, University of Arkansas to partner to improve airport security

Airport construction projects are essential to accommodate future growth as well as to maintain compliance with safety standards. Just as important is maintaining security compliance during those projects, from the design phase all the way through construction.

Garver’s Aviation Team is partnering with the University of Arkansas to improve airport security by developing best practices and recommendations to be implemented during construction projects. The research, to be done for the National Safe Skies Alliance’s Program for Applied Research in Airport Security, will focus on providing practical, systemic guidance to assist airports in working collaboratively with stakeholders to manage security through design and construction of such projects. The research will then be utilized industry-wide.

“Airport construction projects are complex with many moving parts, so identifying ways to improve security during construction is essential,” said Garver Senior Aviation Planner Nathan Polsgrove, AAE, IAP, ACE. “We’re excited to work with the University of Arkansas on this research to help make our airports more secure during essential construction projects.”

The research conducted by Garver and the university will include planning strategies to evaluate a project’s operational impact and to control access to regulated areas, while also establishing an airport’s expectations for contractors. The guidance will also focus on managing stakeholder engagement and ensuring effective communication throughout a project.

The university’s Master of Science in Operations Management and Master of Science in Engineering Management programs will work alongside Garver during the research.

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