February 13, 2020

Oklahoma ACEC honors five Garver-led projects

A Garver-led project that replaced an aging runway and provided the Federal Aviation Administration with a new method for other rehabilitation projects at one Oklahoma airport; and one that delivered necessary lighting upgrades to another were each honored by the American Council of Engineering Companies of Oklahoma at its annual awards ceremony recently.

Garver’s Aviation Team worked to deliver a full-depth runway reclamation and taxiway rehabilitation at the Claremore Regional Airport and electrical upgrades to the Miami Regional Airport, and each were presented with Engineering Excellence Awards during the ACEC-Oklahoma’s event in Oklahoma City. 

The project in Claremore implemented a method never-before-used on an Oklahoma airfield to provide a new surface to what is now Runway 18-36 and the adjacent taxiways, and the developed solution provided cost savings and limited impact on the airfield during construction. Garver’s decision to use the reclaimed bituminous surface course to serve as a stabilized base course for the new surface helped lower project costs and provided the FAA with another approved method for runway rehabilitation.

“Two key decisions – using the existing surface as the base course and to using the parallel taxiway as a temporary runway during construction – were instrumental in the airport’s ability to achieve the upgrades while also serving its customers during construction,” said Garver Aviation Project Manager Caleb Coltrane. “This project was also a credit to Construction Inspector Greg Kinsey and our construction management team. They are our front line in the field to ensure quality construction methods and maintain a culture of safety throughout the project.”

At the Miami Regional Airport, Garver led a two-year electrical upgrade project to modernize the airport’s electrical system. The LED Medium-Intensity Runway Lights replaced a decades-old incandescent system that had outlived its useful life. The upgrades also included a new NAVAID system, LED guidance and hold signs, a new Omni-directional approach lighting system, a new LED wind cone, a new high-intensity rotating beacon, and more.

“Another important part of this project was coordinating with the Oklahoma Aeronautics Commission and the FAA to secure the necessary funding years in advance,” said Aviation Project Manager Bart Gilbreath. “Altogether we were proud to provide a cost-effective and energy efficient upgrade to the airport.”

Oklahoma ACEC also honored the U.S.-77 Bridge over the Canadian River project in Purcell, Oklahoma led by Garver’s Transportation Team; the Del City Wastewater Treatment Plant upgrades project led by Garver’s Water Team; and the Hazardous Waste & Spill Response Training project led by Garver’s Federal Team.

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