March 01, 2017

Garver Named Arkansas Philanthropic Business of the Year

Garver Senior Project Manager Eric Farmer recently began serving as ELA Vice President

Arkansas Business recently presented Garver with an award for Arkansas Business of the Year in the Outstanding Philanthropic Corporations (medium-sized business) category through the Arkansas Community Foundation, which is a nonprofit organization that promotes smart giving to improve communities. The publication noted that the award “simply confirms a company tenet: Helping others is good for the community and good for the firm.”

Garver Named Arkansas Philanthropic Business of the Year
Photo courtesy of Arkansas Business

t was with that understanding that Garver launched GarverGives in 2015 as a way to be more intentional with how it gives back to communities. Through that initiative, Garver matches employees’ volunteer contributions—both time and money—to the organizations they choose, and donations to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) organizations are matched at $150 for $100 in donations. 

“We chose to prioritize STEM, specifically organizations influencing career exploration, because of the potential to directly contribute to our pipeline of future engineers and strengthen our community’s workforces,” said Communication Team Leader Laura Nick. “We wanted to be purposeful with our giving. We are really supporting what our employees want to support, and our leadership recognized that we want to make our culture responsive to needs.”

“At the root of this award is that our employees care enough about the communities where they live and work that they will make an effort to give something back,” said Garver President and CEO Dan Williams. “It’s because they care that we formed GarverGives, and it’s because they care that GarverGives has been as successful as it is.”

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