March 28, 2018

Garver's Chowdhury provides cost model review

Dr. Zaid Chowdhury, Garver’s Water Practice Leader.

Garver’s Water Technology Team is committed to providing clients with the most qualified engineers who possess broad-based technical expertise to their projects. Dr. Zaid Chowdhury, Garver’s Water Practice Leader, was recently selected to assist the Horsley Witten Group, a Massachusetts-based environmental consulting firm, with reviewing several cost models developed by the Environmental Protection Agency. 

Chowdhury, considered an industry expert for water quality process design and research, provided his expertise regarding a series of models developed by the EPA. He reviewed the models and then provided comments to the EPA through HWG in order to make the models more accurate and to better assist water systems.

 “The knowledge displayed by Garver’s Water Technology Team is as varied as the problems facing the water and wastewater industry today,” Chowdhury said. “We take it as a responsibility to provide our expertise to wherever it’s needed, and hope it can provide as much assistance as possible.”

Along with Chowdhury, Garver’s Water Technology Team boasts experts well-decorated by academia in the fields of biological filtration, granular activated carbon adsorption, membrane technology, UV disinfection, advanced oxidation technologies, water and wastewater system modeling, disinfection byproduct control, and many others.

To learn more about what Garver’s Water Technology Team can do for you, visit our Water Team page.

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