March 01, 2019

Garver announces new owners

Garver has remained a unified and respected company because of the nearly 600 dedicated employees spread across the country, providing innovative solutions to valued clients. A select group of those employees are offered an opportunity to invest in Garver’s future, while furthering our commitment to sound designs and quality customer service.

Garver is pleased to announce the following employees as new owners:

Brad Bradshaw, North Little Rock, Arkansas

Brad Butler, Overland Park, Kansas

Glenn Gregory, Round Rock, Texas

Matt Gross, North Little Rock, Arkansas

Adam Hall, North Little Rock, Arkansas

Kurtis John, Fayetteville, Arkansas

Mitchell McAnally, Frisco, Texas

Kirsten McCullough, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Randy McIntyre, Fort Worth, Texas

Dan Olson, Houston, Texas

Andy Pruitt, Fayetteville, Arkansas

Adam Roberson, North Little Rock, Arkansas

Mark Schwartz, North Little Rock, Arkansas

Dustin Tackett, Conway, Arkansas

Wendy Travis, Round Rock, Texas

Jonathan White, Fayetteville, Arkansas

Matthew Youngblood, Tulsa, Oklahoma

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