April 18, 2019

Garver-led team works to protect RCC water supply

The Russellville City Corporation (RCC) has established a reputation for producing high quality drinking water for its customers, even earning the prestigious People’s Choice Award for Best-Tasting Water from the American Water Works Association in 2016. To help protect that resource, Garver led a team that first located, then developed a solution for a leak in the Huckleberry Creek Reservoir (HCR) Dam. 

Sitting about seven miles northwest of Russellville, Arkansas, the Huckleberry Creek Reservoir supplies raw water to a water treatment plant operated by RCC. Considering the importance of the reservoir, a leak detected by RCC staff became a significant concern. Garver and geotechnical engineering firm Grubbs, Hoskyn, Barton & Wyatt (GHBW) then investigated the cause of the leak, and provided construction observation services for repair of the leak, conducted by the injection of low and high mobility grout.

For its work, the Garver team was awarded an Engineering Excellence Award from the American Council of Engineering Companies of Arkansas in the Water Resources category. 

"Protecting and maintaining the raw water supply so the community continues to have access to clean and safe drinking water is one of the RCC's highest priorities," said Garver Arkansas Water Team Leader Joe Dollerschell. "We were proud to be part of the team that found a quick repair to stop the leak, and not once was that water supply compromised."

The Garver and GHBW team found a solution by drilling five sample borings and installing three piezometers from the dam crest, leading to the discovery of a significant zone of soft, saturated soils and a potential hole in the dam core. From this, the team concluded likely location of the leak, and recommended a grouting program for repair.

Utilizing low and high mobility grout at 22 injection points, 2,259 cubic feet of grout was injected above and adjacent to the dam’s concrete encasement, which eventually stopped the leak. Investigation and repair of critical infrastructure were completed in less than six months.

Garver is celebrating its centennial year in 2019. To learn more, visit our centennial celebration page

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