May 23, 2023

New Aviation Design Center increases Garver’s commitment to Florida airports

Garver launches second ADC, further investing in airports and the aviation industry in Florida and the East region.

Garver’s new Aviation Design Center (ADC) in Tampa, Florida continues the company’s investment in the state’s airports and the communities they serve. With it comes additional technical expertise and resources to support growing regional teams and, ultimately, to advance the aviation industry across the state.

The new ADC in Tampa joins an established Garver ADC based in Fayetteville, Arkansas, and will further Garver Aviation’s commitment to providing the highest-quality deliverables and exceptional client service to airports of all sizes.

“Our goal in Florida is to provide the state’s airports with the innovative thinking, technology, and technical expertise they need when taking on their most challenging infrastructure projects,” said Garver Director of Aviation Frank McIllwain, PE. “As the industry continues to grow and evolve, our ADC will keep us at the forefront, allowing us to provide our airport clients with the high-quality designs they need and deserve.”

This desire to lead the industry and provide innovative, efficient, and effective solutions for clients underscores Garver’s commitment to Florida airports and the communities they serve. Pairing diverse engineers with a group-wide focus on innovation, technology, and continuing education, the ADC is a dynamic center of collaboration, as well as a hub of innovative and creative thinking.

Garver's Brandon Hiers, PE, ENV SP, a Florida native who has spent more than a decade working with airports across the state, will serve as Tampa Design Center Leader. 

“When we combine some of the brightest minds on our Aviation Team with the organizational structure of our ADC, our people get great opportunities and our clients get incredible results,” Hiers said. “When we place people with different areas of expertise together under one roof, innovation and efficiency follow.”

Bringing these Garver ADC advantages to Florida is a chance for Hiers to impact the communities he’s known all his life. In addition to being a lifelong Florida resident, he’s a graduate from the University of Florida, and he joins a cadre of leaders who hail from the Sunshine State and are passionate about supporting Florida airports and serving Florida communities. An additional nine Garver engineers will join Hiers in staffing the Tampa ADC by this summer, with more expected to keep up with growth over the next year.

Garver opened its Tampa office in 2022 and is also operating out of locations in Orlando and Fort Lauderdale.

To learn more about what Garver’s Aviation Team can do for you, visit our Aviation services page.

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