June 20, 2024

Northwest Arkansas Business Journal names Pifer to Women in Business list

Ashley Pifer

Dr. Ashley Pifer, a nationally renowned water engineering expert, was recently named to Northwest Arkansas Business Journal’s 2024 Women in Business list.

As Garver’s Water Technology Team Manager, Dr. Pifer is at the forefront of the water industry, leading efforts to secure a sustainable water future for Arkansas and creating opportunities for professionals across the water industry.

She has authored seven peer-reviewed journal articles and served as the principal investigator on a project with the University of Arkansas, the City of Houston, and Dallas Water Utilities. In this project, she helped to develop new tools and processes that proactively address water quality concerns — ultimately resulting in a patent for an innovative water quality monitoring technology.

Dr. Pifer is a sought-after expert on evolving water industry standards, including revisions to the Lead and Copper Rule that affect every community’s water system across the country. She is working directly with over 20 water systems across the country to reduce exposure to lead in drinking water.

And as PFAS regulations take center-stage in water industry conversations, Dr. Pifer is assisting utilities in efficiently addressing PFAS contamination by developing and implementing robust water treatment processes.

Beyond her career as an engineer, Dr. Pifer also dedicates her time to mentoring the next generation of water industry professionals. Having received both her bachelor’s and doctorate degrees from the University of Arkansas, Dr. Pifer’s time with the university has come full circle as she served as instructor within the civil engineering department.

At Garver, she is a passionate about professional development for new engineers, serving as a mentor for junior, female engineers through the Garver Connect program – helping them navigate the challenges that come with starting a new career.

Her commitment to the industry is also evident through her leadership roles. She serves as the national chair for the American Waterworks Association’s Disinfection Committee, promoting education surrounding the best disinfection practices and technologies. She also co-chairs the revision of AWWA’s manual of practice on distribution system water quality and is a co-author for two additional manuals of practice.

Northwest Arkansas and our nation’s water future benefit from Dr. Pifer’s work. Her dedication to innovation in the field and securing safe, reliable water for communities across the country position her as a widely acclaimed expert. Dr. Ashley Pifer is not only paving the way for the future of our communities – but for the water industry professionals of tomorrow.

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