August 17, 2021

Garver again named Best Firm to Work For

Garver again named Best Firm to Work For

For the eighth year running, Garver has been named to Zweig Group’s top three Best Firms to Work For.

And now, it’s official: Garver is again topping the list at No. 1.

With this recognition, Garver has further solidified its reputation as a top A-E consulting firm in a ranking that includes companies from the United States and Canada. More than that, however, because this ranking is determined based on employee feedback, it demonstrates the extent to which employee experience factors into being a top workplace.

“Garver’s position at the top of Zweig Group’s list just further confirms we’re doing the right things,” said Garver President and CEO Brock Hoskins. “When you offer the industry’s best, unified company culture, you attract the most talented and most passionate people. And when you take care of your people, they’re super-motivated to excel for our clients. That’s Garver.”

As Garver has continued to grow, with nearly 900 employees now spread across the United States, providing employees with the best experience has never been more important. What’s made that possible, and what’s undeniably played a key role in making Garver a regular fixture at the top of the Best Firm list, is a number of factors, including the promotion of a healthy work-life balance, a comprehensive Wellness Program, personal and professional development resources, a competitive pay structure, and employee benefits.

To learn more about what makes Garver a Best Firm to Work For, visit our Careers page.