April 16, 2024

Cole joins Garver as Water Business Team Leader in Arizona

The Arizona native will have a strong focus on client service and water sustainability

With the recent addition of Arizona Business Team Leader Kyle Cole, PE, PMP, Garver continues to expand its presence in Arizona and its ability to help utilities in the Southwest meet water challenges unique to the region.

Cole, who was raised in the Phoenix area and has deep roots in the community, is dedicated to providing innovative water and wastewater solutions to communities across his home state.

“Because he’s an Arizona native and has watched the state grow and develop, Kyle has a unique perspective and understanding of the state’s needs and complexities,” said Director of Water Services Jeff Sober. “With Garver, he’ll bring the full collection of resources, expertise, and water and wastewater experience that creates customized solutions for all of our clients.”

A civil engineer by trade, Cole started his career as a transportation engineer in Cleveland, Ohio. He was a field construction engineer for a decade and then transitioned into the roles of design engineer and design manager for water and wastewater systems.

But Cole, who has bachelor’s in civil engineering and masters in hydro systems engineering, felt passionate about returning to his home state to help address its water challenges. He knew he could bring his specific skill set, along with expertise in sustainability initiatives and water resource management, to the task.

“This is home for me. It’s where I grew up, and it’s where I'm going to stay. I have a vested interest in Arizona's success,” said Cole. “And as a broader scope kind of person, I’m well suited to this job. I’m able to look at the big picture for an area or region and plan and future proof systems for clients.”

Cole believes that the greatest challenge facing Arizona is not water scarcity, but water quality and treatment. In addition to meeting those treatment challenges, Cole’s other priority is client service. “The main thing people here want is for someone to listen to them. To listen and then apply a solution that addresses their concerns. And being from here, I get that.”

“Arizona is a different market and needs to be approached differently. One of the reasons I came to Garver was because I’m given the freedom to connect with clients in the way I know works best, and I’m backed by the resources required to meet their needs. We can be that trusted advisor for the long term.”

Cole also appreciates that Garver, knowing Arizona’s desert environment presents different challenges from other parts of its footprint, was willing to take a risk on the region because they see its value and care about its people. Cole does, too.

“If I want my kids to love it the way I do,” said Cole, “it needs to have the right infrastructure and well-managed water resources.”

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