January 16, 2024

Scott joins Garver Water as North and South Carolina Facilities Leader

Combining personal connections with technical expertise, Scott brings his experience to Garver's growing presence in the Carolinas

With its continued growth in the region, Garver is welcoming a new facilities leader for North and South Carolina. Derek Scott comes to Garver with licenses in civil and electrical engineering and 20 years of experience serving the Carolinas on a wide range of water and wastewater facility projects. 

As important as his technical expertise, however, is Scott’s ability to cultivate genuine connections with his clients. Scott is widely respected in the industry and has strong ties in the Carolinas. He’s someone clients know and trust. He’s also someone who understands the unique challenges facing the region and has the technical expertise to meet them with creative solutions.

While taking on the role of Garver’s Facilities Lead for both North and South Carolina marks a new chapter for Scott, his clients can count on receiving the same personal, dedicated service they’ve come to expect from him. This role will require a balance of building those personal connections along with technical expertise - two traits Scott has become defined by.

One of the reasons Scott joined Garver is because of its reputation for responsive, in-person client service. And with Garver’s Water Design Center in the same Greenville, South Carolina, office, he can even better serve clients, connecting them face-to-face with the right experts needed for their projects.

“Relationships are my top priority,” said Scott. “Behind every utility and municipality are real people with real challenges and project needs. By focusing on the individual, we create connections and long-lasting relationships built on trust. If you treat people the right way, are kind to them and listen to them, the work will take care of itself.”

Scott is a welcome addition to Garver and a familiar face to our Carolina clients. He will continue to be the same trusted advisor his clients have always known, but now one equipped with the wealth of resources Garver has to offer.

To learn more about what Garver’s Water Team can do for you, visit our Water services page.

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