January 04, 2018

Garver donation aids Oklahoma homeless shelter

A relationship between Garver’s Norman, Oklahoma, office and a local homeless shelter began three years ago, when employees began helping retrieve donations for the shelter to use for the meals it makes daily.

Garver donation aids Oklahoma homeless shelter

Eight employees from the Norman office exceeded that help to Food and Shelter, Inc., recently with a donation that will assist in its daily contributions to the homeless community. Garver’s $1,320 donation was presented to Food and Shelter last month, and will go to aid the soup kitchen and shelter program’s quest to provide daily meals and consistent housing.

“We’re proud to work with Food and Shelter, which has been such a vital part of this city for decades,” said Project Manager Amanda Way. “We’re part of this community in every way, and we cherish the opportunities to partner with an organization that provides the city with such a vital service.”

Garver employees donated more than 56 hours of time to Food and Shelter in 2017, picking up donated goods from two area coffee shops and a grocery store, while some also helped serve breakfast.

Food and Shelter, a fully operational soup kitchen and shelter program founded in 1983, serves the homeless community in Norman breakfast and lunch each day, and provides short-term, long-term, and supportive housing for homeless individuals and families.

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