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Garver Water regularly hosts educational webcasts on a variety of topics critical to the water and wastewater industry. 

Click on the topic below to see Garver’s leading experts detail the latest technological advancements in water and wastewater treatment.

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Advanced Pipeline Condition Assessment Technologies

Advancements toward artificial intelligence inspection platforms, reliable machine learning capabilities and emerging trends in pipeline inspection technology development will be discussed and highlighted throughout the presentation

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What’s new on PFAS regulation? Strategic planning ideas for potentially affected utilities

This presentation will summarize the recent known updates from EPA with respect to regulatory activities as well as technology research.

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Biological Process Intensification

This presentation describes the major approaches to process intensification, how they work, and pros and cons of each.

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Making the Most of Monochloramine for Secondary Disinfection

This presentation will discuss considerations for implementing chloramination and best practices for operating chloraminated systems.

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GIS is Closer Than You Think

This presentation will detail Garver’s work across both water and wastewater systems focusing on how Garver has helped deploy GIS systems.

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The Future of Safe Water – How Municipalities Can Prepare

This presentation will discuss the stress on water supplies created by population growth and over-allocation of existing supplies.

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Top 10 Water-Wastewater Changes Since 1980 & Top 10 Likely Changes in the Next 30 Years

his presentation contrasts those changes and improvements in technology, approach, skills, and expectations.

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EnBNR for IPR – What do all these letters mean?

In this presentation, Garver will provide an introduction to IPR concepts and the critical decisions that a utility can face when developing its IPR program.

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Structural Manhole Rehabilitation Done Right!

In this presentation, Garver will provide a look at rehabilitation and inspection techniques used to address issues commonly encountered in manholes.

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Where’s my Water? Zeroing in on Water Loss and Better Delivery Efficiency

Water loss in distribution systems can lead to wasted energy and accelerate the need for capital projects to increase water supply, which has been gaining the attention of utilities, regulators, and funding agencies.

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Mitigating Construction Market Volatility

With cost for materials such as lumber, steel, and concrete increasing and the availability decreasing, some construction projects are being delayed. During this webinar, Garver and Archer Western (Walsh Group) will discuss how to mitigate the impacts of the market’s volatility and keep projects moving forward.

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Water Softening Using Membrane Treatment

In this presentation, the basics of water softening technologies, including innovative membrane softening treatment alternatives, are covered. It will also include a case study on process selection approaches for selecting appropriate treatment technology.

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