Improving for Safety

For decades, I-44 has linked Oklahoma’s two largest cities while providing a vital route for cross-country travelers from St. Louis to north Texas. Now, traveling through northeast Oklahoma is much safer and more efficient.

Garver’s preliminary engineering study for the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority to widen a 20-mile stretch of the Turner Turnpike from four to six lanes, and final design for a critical seven-mile stretch, established design standards for remaining segments. The study included traffic analysis, with the consideration of toll plazas, interchange concepts, and multiple alignment options. Final design was part of the ongoing Driving Forward Program and included seven bridge replacements with improved vertical clearances, and median lighting. Both design and construction plans were completed in seven months to help meet OTA’s timeline. Garver also created bid plans for traffic surveillance and driver assistance during construction, which included tow capabilities and other essentials that kept traffic moving.

“These types of plans have never been executed in the state, and so far, over 1,400 driver-assistance tickets have been serviced by the contractor within the construction zone,” said Project Manager Jenny Sallee.

The improvements effect 50,000 travelers per day, and Garver’s impact continues through construction management services on other Driving Forward projects.


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