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Expanding our Impact

Garver has been analyzing the effects projects have on the human and natural environment for decades. Now, with expanded staff located in Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas, Garver’s expert Transportation Planning and Environmental Team can serve a larger geographic area while providing solutions to a more varied list of projects.

“We’ve strategically built our team around experts who make the transition from the planning and environmental process into the next phase of project development as seamless as possible,” said Transportation Planning and Environmental Team Leader Wendy Travis.

Intent on increasing the reach, flexibility, and specialization of its team, Garver added, among others, April English in New Orleans for additional air quality analysis support; and Sean Wray in Austin, Texas, for expanded GIS services. The added experts help Garver work with every type of local, state, and federal agency on alignment studies, NEPA documentation, and public involvement for the projects custom-fit to their needs.

The expanded team is assisting on some of Garver’s most impactful projects, like the Kaw Lake Water Supply program, which will replenish a depleting water supply for the City of Enid, Oklahoma; and the I-35 Northeast Expansion project, a major capacity improvement in San Antonio.

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