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    BNA Eastside Electrical Vault Design and Relocation

Facilitating Progress

When rapid growth required the Nashville International Airport to relocate a major roadway dividing the airport, it was presented with a unique challenge considering its eastside electrical vault sat in the middle of the chosen path. Garver’s Aviation and Facilities Design teams responded by not only designing a replacement vault building, but also helping the airport find a location that wouldn’t interfere with future developments.

In a design-build agreement with Blakley Construction Services, Garver designed the new facility that powers the airport’s east side, including Runway 2R-20L and associated taxiways. The solution helped make room for the crucial roadway construction and also allowed the project to be completed without disturbing the existing runway.

“Considering its importance to future plans, it had to be completed as fast as possible,” said Senior Aviation Project Manager Ryan Patton. “Thanks to help from all parties, what could be a two-year process was finished in less than a year.”

The new building not only clears the way for the needed road relocation, but also provides the airport with an upgraded vault capable of powering a runway system that requires the most reliable lighting equipment. Designed by Garver’s Facilities Design Team, the vault building is durable, energy efficient, virtually maintenance-free, and aesthetically consistent with other airport buildings.

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