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Enhancing Education Buildings

For more than a century, Garver has partnered with valued clients to not only deliver innovative infrastructure services, but to also uplift the communities those projects serve.

That’s why Garver works alongside colleges and universities to help make sure their buildings are always in peak condition. Through various on-call agreements, Garver tackles the necessary maintenance projects required to sustain positive learning environments at institutions of higher education.

“Not only are we here to help make the learning experiences as efficient as possible,” said Buildings Engineering Team Leader Brad Bradshaw, “but we enjoy becoming extensions of that campus community, as well.”

In doing so, Garver helped solve an HVAC system issue that caused damage to the library at the University of Central Arkansas in Conway; conducted an HVAC study to identify better performing systems and reduce operating costs at the University of Arkansas School of Nursing; and provided infrastructure upgrades that modernized the telecommunications system at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences.

Garver also partnered with UCA to design solar-powered light fixtures on the Stone Dam Creek Trail, which connects the campus with the rest of the growing community.

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