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Evaluating reuse alternatives for nutrient removal

Garver provided a feasibility study to evaluate alternatives for salinity removal at the Hollywood Road Water Reclamation Facility in Amarillo, Texas. Garver helped coordinate site specific sampling; calculated flow and loading projections; determined sizing, conceptual layout, conceptual footprint, and life-cycle costs for three salinity removal alternatives; and evaluated brine management alternatives. 

Garver also developed a process model and evaluated nutrient removal alternatives in parallel with the salinity removal alternatives. Ten alternative combinations (membrane facility and brine management) were evaluated for non-economic criteria and financial criteria that identified the lowest opinion of probable construction costs for total life-cycle costs. The recommended option included construction of a new 12 MGD ultrafiltration (UF)/reverse osmosis (RO) facility with mechanical evaporation of brine reject if effluent mineral or salinity limits impair future effluent discharge or water reuse. 

This facility will provide flexibility for future reuse and the smallest footprint of combined membrane (UF and RO alternatives) and brine management facilities.

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