Water and Wastewater

Fort Sill WWTP Reuse System

Oklahoma’s first Category 2 Reuse Permit

Fort Sill purchases potable water from the City of Lawton, Oklahoma, which is then collected and treated at the Fort Sill Wastewater Treatment Plant to a high-quality effluent. Recognizing the value of this effluent, American Water Enterprises had a vision to implement reuse in areas of Fort Sill where its end-use did not require water treated to potable quality. 

Working with the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality (ODEQ), Fort Sill leadership, Evans and Associates, and Garver, American Water Enterprises implemented a reuse system that connected geothermal units, cooling towers, irrigation systems, and fill points throughout the base that operated solely off reuse water. Additionally, Fort Sill received Oklahoma’s first ever Category 2 Reuse Permit from ODEQ, which allows unrestricted irrigation of Fort Sill's polo fields, cemetery, and horse corral. 

By decreasing demand on the City of Lawton's fresh water supply, this project provides the added benefit of helping improve the City's drought resiliency.

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