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Tuscumbia Membrane Softening WTP Pilot

Using BIM to enhance design and public awareness

Garver used building information modeling (BIM) to enhance design of a new water treatment plant and aid in public communication and awareness. Several treatment alternatives were evaluated for the new plant, including conventional lime softening and re-carbonation with granular media filtration, full-stream nano-filtration (NF), and full-stream low pressure (MF/UF) with split-stream reverse osmosis (RO). Those chosen alternatives included a state-of-the-art series membrane process involving ultrafiltration followed by RO. These processes were designed to provide safer, softer water. Because the membrane systems and ancillary equipment were intricate, Garver used BIM to coordinate design disciplines within the facility. The new plant is located near historic Big Spring State Park, and Garver capitalized on the benefits of BIM to create a realistic rendering to show residents how the facility will aesthetically fit within the site. The project proposed new raw water pumping, pretreatment basins, ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis membranes, disinfection, and high-service pumping.

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This community invested in the best available technology for its customer base, and this new plant is the only one of its kind in Alabama.
Kevin Mullins Garver Senior Project Manager

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