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LRWRA Adams Field WRF PAA Pilot Test

Pilot testing the effectiveness of PAA disinfection

The Adams Field Water Reclamation Facility (WRF) was experiencing decreased ultraviolet (UV) transmittance following increased flow rates. Garver assisted the Little Rock Water Reclamation Authority (LRWRA), which operates the WRF, in the development of a five-week pilot testing program, followed by a full-scale trial, both of which assessed the benefits of sequential disinfection with peracetic acid (PAA) followed by the UV system. We provided design and planning for PAA storage and all essential equipment for on-site disinfectant testing and analyses, which were used to successfully implement full-scale testing of supplemental disinfection with PAA at the reclamation facility. Garver and LRWRA worked closely with the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) to develop the pilot test for on-site disinfection. The full-scale test proved effective for managing effluent at elevated facility flows, reduced effluent UVT, and has determined the true cost for PAA and UV for sequential disinfection.

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