November 28, 2018

Sardari research highlighted in CEP Magazine

Research conducted by the University of Arkansas College of Engineering, in collaboration with the National Science Foundation’s Membrane Science, Engineering and Technology (MAST) Center, indicated recently that a new type of commercial membrane is suited for treating brine water produced from natural gas extraction facilities, as detailed in an article published recently in CEP Magazine.

The research, primarily conducted by Garver Process Design Engineer Kamyar Sardari, Ph.D., centered on the use of flat-sheet ethylene chlorotrifluoroethylene (ECTFE) membranes in membrane distillation (MD) processes to treat ultra-high salinity brine water. This new application led to clean water recovery from saturated brine streams containing up to 235,000 mg/L total dissolved solids, according to the research outlined in the article. 

“Desalination of brackish groundwater represents a major source of drinking water in arid regions; however, application of such processes, such as reverse osmosis and nanofiltration, is limited by the extensive costs of inland reject disposal," said Garver Water Reuse Practice Leader and MAST Center IAB Chair Michael Watts, Ph.D. “Therefore, investigating novel processes, such as MD, is of tremendous importance as it can make desalination feasible for many communities.”

Researchers at the University of Arkansas have joined others across the country, including those from the University of Colorado Boulder, New Jersey Institute of Technology, and Penn State University, to conduct MAST research as required to develop membrane-based technologies for the treatment of challenged waters. The reduction of total dissolved solids is essential for acceptable discharge and sustainable reuse.

Garver has continued to support the University of Arkansas College of Engineering’s partnership with MAST through the development of materials and processes for energy production, water treatment, pharmaceutical purification, and chemical processing, as well as to improve leading-edge membrane science and technology.

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