February 21, 2018

Garver expands urban planning capabilities

Garver’s Urban Planning services have routinely provided creative, implementable solutions for the communities it serves, completing comprehensive plans, land use regulations, bike and pedestrian plans, master street plans, and corridor plans. Those core tenets will remain, but now they’ll be delivered by an expanded staff with an ability to reach even more markets while serving additional clients.

Garver expands urban planning capabilities

Juliet Richey, CFM, AICP, ASLA, has joined Garver as an urban planner based in its Fayetteville, Arkansas office. From there, Richey will help boost the Urban Planning Team that provides clients with both on-going planning staffing and project-based planning assistance.

Richey brings more than a decade of experience to Garver, having worked in local government in northwest Arkansas as a planning director and as a consultant creating plans and zoning overlays while providing assistance for various communities.

“Adding Juliet to our team will only make us better, while allowing us to provide our services to an even wider variety of projects and clients,” said Garver Urban Planning Manager James Walden. “As we continue to grow, we look forward to being a regional leader in urban planning, providing community engagement-driven, implementation-focused planning solutions and services to even more communities.”

In addition to Richey’s arrival, Garver’s Urban Planning Team is collaborating more and more with other Garver services. Currently, it is working with Garver’s Water Team on a sewer extension study providing land-use modeling, as well as a corridor study in Florence, Alabama.

To learn more about what Garver’s Urban Planning Team can do for you, visit our Urban Planning page.