March 29, 2018

Project Controls Team keeps programs on task

A publicly funded highway program that affects almost every corner of a state can be a daunting task. Take the Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department's Connecting Arkansas Program (CAP), a $1.8 billion, 10-year program funded by a voter-approved half-cent sales tax that includes 36 highway projects. Someone has to be behind the scenes keeping track of all the moving parts.

Project controls, put simply, is Garver's way of providing clients with the independent and timely data necessary to make informed and strategic decisions regarding potential impacts to the overall schedule, scope, and cost. The team tracks and projects schedules and costs, evaluates risk, provides claims support, and document control across multiple business lines while keeping programs on task, on budget, and on time.

"We monitor progress and help our clients understand the health of a project or program at every step," said Mark Schwartz, manager of Garver's Project Controls Team. "This helps them make the decisions necessary to complete their project to their desired specifications."

In addition to the CAP, the team is working on two programs in Oklahoma. The Oklahoma Toll Authority's $1 billion Driving Forward program improves six interstate corridors that will modernize some of the state's busiest roadways, and the Kaw Lake project, highlighted by a 70-mile pipeline from Kaw Lake to a treatment facility that creates an alternative water supply for the City of Enid, Oklahoma.

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