April 19, 2022

Central Arkansas Water, Garver Water tap into partnership

A recent partnership between Central Arkansas Water and Garver has now developed into something much larger – and arguably even more impactful. After christening Central Arkansas Water’s new mural in downtown Little Rock, which includes a water bottle filling station free to the public, the two organizations realized there were some water bottles that hadn’t been given away. The team questioned what to do with them. Could they be used for something else?

That question kicked off a long series of events that eventually culminated in a full-blown community outreach initiative. Working alongside each other, Central Arkansas Water and Garver employees stuffed the extra water bottles with essentials like socks, hygiene products, and snacks. The assembled water bottles were given to The Van, a local nonprofit focused on uplifting the homeless community of Central Arkansas, which then distributed them to individuals around the area.

Just like that, a natural connection had been made, one which enormously benefited the community.

“Partnerships with Central Arkansas Water – the largest water provider in the state – are critical to the success of Garver and its communities,” said Jerry Martin, PE, Garver Arkansas Water Team Leader, “because they provide an opportunity to do the public outreach, engage the public, and teach the public about what we do, the importance of having clean water, and the importance of having access to that clean water throughout our footprint.”

Not only that, however, but this sort of work opens the door to future partnerships, and additional ways to provide key support for our communities.

“We’re going to give out these water bottles, and they’re going to be appreciated, but what else can Central Arkansas Water and Garver do, together, in the coming months to change our community?” said Central Arkansas Water Director of Public Affairs and Communications Doug Shackelford. “We live here, we work here, this is where we want to be. And so, anything we can do together is going to make the entire community stronger.”

To learn more about Garver's charitable giving, visit our GarverGives page.