April 10, 2024

Garver ready to help water utilities comply with EPA's new PFAS regulations

The EPA has officially announced its long-anticipated rule that sets national drinking water standards for PFAS. Garver’s team of water experts stands ready to help water utilities navigate the technical and regulatory compliance changes that come along with this announcement.

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to the challenges facing water utilities. Which is why Garver has assembled an industry-leading team of professionals with a diverse background of treatment expertise. The Garver Water Team has a long history of implementing proven treatment solutions for emerging contaminants and is using that experience to develop new solutions every day.

“Our team brings a wide range of invaluable expertise, from control at the source to piloting and treatment to procuring funding for PFAS projects. We’ve been planning for this change and are equipped to help you navigate this shift and continue supplying safe drinking water to the communities we share,” said Garver Water Technology Team Manager Ashley Pifer, PhD, PE.

The changes made today will not only address PFAS, but how water utilities respond to future contaminants of emerging concern. No matter the solution – granular activated carbon (GAC), reverse osmosis (RO), ion exchange (IX), emerging technologies, or anything in between – Garver is prepared to partner with water clients across the nation in facing this ongoing challenge.

Learn how Garver’s PFAS experts can help: garverusa.com/pfas.

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