May 17, 2018

GarverGives aids middle school

Students at a local middle school will soon have more supplies and a larger space for their science class experiments thanks to a recent GarverGives grant.

Employees from the North Little Rock, Arkansas office recently visited sixth graders at nearby Benton Middle School to present them a check for $1,000 that will go toward equipment and other essentials for their science classes. 

Expanded lab space, the purchase of supplies for dissecting and body system education, and other items like hot plates, petri dishes, Mason jars, and heat lamps will be able to be purchased by the middle school. Benton Middle School is one one of dozens of schools promoting STEM-related activities that GarverGives has supported since being founded three years ago.

“We always want to help provide STEM-related activities and experiences in as many schools as possible,” said Principal Accounting Officer Beverly Roberson, who is an active member of the North Little Rock office’s GarverGives committee. “Critical and creative thinking that leads to good engineering starts in classrooms like this, and we’re proud to have a hand in helping these students.”

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