Weathering the storm

The effects of Hurricane Harvey are still being felt more than a year after more than 60 inches of rain fell on southeast Texas. And as the Texas Military Department (TMD) continues to provide aid to an estimated 13 million affected, its own installations are in need of repairs.

Garver’s Federal Team performed facility condition assessments and completed reports on 21 of the TMD’s installations. Comprised of more than 600,000 square-feet of space, the assessments identified scope and cost of storm damage and resulting data was entered into the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ BUILDER software.

“Their job is to ensure the affected are taken care of, and ours is to make sure that’s as easy as possible for them,” said Garver Director of Federal Services Wallace Smith. “Storm damage assessments to determine severity of loss are essential in all recovery efforts.”

Garver performed site investigations, met with facility personnel, and reviewed as-built information to determine what damage was storm-related and what was most essential to address. Findings included water encroachment, roof and drainage system damage, and mold.

The TMD will consider Garver’s assessments when determining which infrastructure improvements to implement, ensuring that facilities are in peak condition while providing storm-related assistance.

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