Planning for the Future

With 1.4 million customers and a peak capacity over 400 million gallons per day, the Trinity River Authority of Texas’s Central Regional Wastewater System (CRWS) is the state’s largest tertiary water resource recovery facility. To sustain such a critical facility, evaluations of capacity, performance, and future needs are essential.

The Garver team and the Authority produced a Master Plan that identified decisions on capital planning, operations, and maintenance. Rather than focus solely on future capacity, the team evaluated efficiency, flow management, treatment process optimization, and planning for regulatory changes. The team also developed and trained staff to operate a state-of-the-art treatment process model and a whole plant-integrated hydraulic model for future use.

“Stakeholder engagement and communication proved critical in the Master Plan’s success,” said Garver Project Manager Jeff Sober. “Together, we were able to evaluate the entire facility to produce over two dozen memoranda and analyze over 100 improvement alternatives for a capital improvements program consisting of 67 projects.”

The capital improvement program amounted to $615 million over the planning horizon, which will help the Authority improve resiliency and efficiency at CRWS, while meeting the needs of the growing Dallas-Fort Worth region.

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