DAL Taxiway Bravo Rehabilitation

Addressing historic increases

Garver partnered with the City of Dallas Department of Aviation to develop a multi-phased project that resulted in a new, full-length dual taxiway system along with improved stormwater facilities. One of the largest medium hub airports in the country, Dallas Love Field had undergone a 54% increase in passenger count following the completion of a new terminal facility, which allowed it to fly non-stop to all domestic destinations while also utilizing larger aircraft. To address the stress placed on Taxiway Bravo, the primary taxiway used by aircraft for arrivals and departures on Runway 13L-31R, Garver led this multi-phased rehabilitation of two parallel taxiways, each more than 7,700 feet long. The project included an analysis of the existing stormwater system, which conveys runoff into a nearby lake that is a popular recreation destination; and relocation of the primary weather observation station. Garver emphasized stakeholder engagement and coordination throughout the project to ensure construction was complete before the reconstruction of Runway 13R-31L began.

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It’s crucial that these improvements are made without any interruption to passengers and we’re proud to say the 425-day Phase 1 schedule was completed without a single gate closure.
Mitchell McAnally Project Manager

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