HYI Airport Master Plan

Preparing for future growth

In providing services for an Airport Master Plan (AMP) and Airport Layout Plan (ALP) update at San Marcos Regional Airport (HYI), Garver delivered a road map for future development that supports the business goals of the operator, increases revenue, and ensures the airport serves the community efficiently. Due to increasing airport operations and business growth, HYI needed a master plan that would help enable its economic growth goals. Garver assembled a team of industry experts with a strong background in airport management, airport planning and development, revenue generation, property management, and business plan/AMP integration to meet those objectives.

Garver’s project approach included reviewing the airport’s existing Airport Business Development Plan (ABDP) to identify elements that should be used to drive the AMP process, as well as establishing short-term and mid-term development goals and needs in order to ensure the resulting AMP could be used immediately. In addition to the FAA’s required forecast of future aeronautical demand, planners identified “demand stimulation actions” that HYI will take to stimulate additional demand and spur continued growth.

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