BUILDER Sustainment Management System

Garver employs the BUILDER™ Sustainment Management System (SMS) software to help assess building condition and provide U.S. military clients with the most efficient and cost-effective methods for maintaining their facilities. Garver collects and models real property data while creating a detailed system inventory, predicts condition index (CI) measures based on expected stage in life cycle, and offers a knowledge-based inspection scheduling process. By entering data into BUILDER, Garver specialists create a comprehensive picture of the overall performance of building assets, which helps determine condition, functionality, and remaining service life. Garver uses the resulting reports to help our military clients develop short- and long-range work plans.

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Hurricane Harvey Facility Assessments

Garver assessed the overall facility conditions at 21 Texas Military Department locations that fell within the area affected by Hurricane Harvey. With Garver utilizing BUILDERâ„¢ SMS software, each report provided a thorough understanding of the overall facility condition as well as specific damage that resulted from Hurricane Harvey.

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