Anti-Terrorism / Force Protection

Designing for safety

In support of the United States Department of Defense’s Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection Program, Garver incorporates innovative ideas into designs that minimize potential threats to military installations.

For years, Garver has designed U.S. military projects with minimal and strategic landscaping, hardened building structures, minimum standoff distances, blast-resistant windows and doors, secure loading docks, secure access roads, crash bollards, and vehicle barriers around building perimeters to maximize facility safety, all while adhering to strict federal AT/FP design guidelines.

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​Tinker Air Force Base Entry Control Point

To compensate for site constraints, Garver developed a unique structural design for the new LEED Gold certified pass and identification building at the Tinker Air Force Base Entry Control Point. The customized structural design augmented and hardened the new building interior so that it complies with Department of Defense Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection (AT/FP) requirements for enhanced security.

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