Broadway Bridge over the Arkansas River

Remaking a Landmark

For almost a century, the Broadway Bridge connected the downtowns of Little Rock and North Little Rock, Arkansas, serving daily as a popular means of passing between the two cities. When the Arkansas Department of Transportation decided in 2011 to replace the structure, issues developed because it was in the middle of a thriving metropolitan area, crowded by irreplaceable structures on both end points. In response, Garver’s design allowed for the twin-arch superstructure to be assembled on barges down-river, and then floated into place, limiting closure time to five months. Garver’s design services included approaching roadways and bridge lighting, and the four-lanes of traffic are enhanced by bicycle and pedestrian ramps.

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Many of the engineers who worked on this project utilized the old bridge on a daily basis, so we knew of its importance. It was essential that we developed a design that not only minimized closure time, but also one in which both cities could be proud.
John Ruddell Garver Bridge Team Manager

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