Water and Wastewater

TMUA Southside WWTP Solids Facility Plan and Improvements

Prioritizing upgrades to improve efficiency and reliability

Garver is working with the City of Tulsa, Oklahoma to complete a comprehensive biosolids master plan for the Tulsa Metropolitan Utility Authority’s (TMUA) Southside Wastewater Treatment Facilities. Phase 1 included a comprehensive performance evaluation of the biosolids treatment processes. This identified potential operational adjustments for improved efficiency and increased reliability. The condition assessment of the existing biosolids treatment equipment assisted with prioritization of replacements and upgrades for the City’s capital improvement plan (CIP). During Phase 2, Garver evaluated alternatives for each of the processes recommended to be upgraded or replaced and developed budgetary cost estimates to be incorporated as part of future CIPs. Garver’s operations specialists also conducted workshops on anaerobic digestion and solids thickening and dewatering. Using information collected for the biosolid master plan, the operations workshops provided participants with additional resources and tools to improve the operations efficiency for selected processes.

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