June 08, 2021

Garver Wellness celebrates National Employee Wellness Month

With June marking National Employee Wellness Month, Garver is reflecting on how Garver Wellness, the company's wellness program, has been a for change since its beginnings more than a dozen years ago.

When Wellness Program Manager Whitney Gorsegner joined the Garver family in 2017, she explained the goal of Garver Wellness in this way: “I firmly believe that lives can be changed simply by showing people of any age how fun being healthy can be. I’m positive that we’ll continue to create an environment in which our employees continue to discover the benefits of healthy lifestyles.”

But for as much of a difference as Garver Wellness has made in the lives of Garver employees, the program itself has also changed considerably. What began as a program encouraging employees to participate in simple wellness-related activities to earn gift cards has grown into a multitiered companywide initiative. Still, the fundamental premise of employee wellness has remained unchanged.

By focusing on five major concepts of wellness – financial, mental, occupational, physical, and social – the Garver Wellness program offers a holistic approach for its 800-plus employees, with an in-house managed, high-impact, health outcomes-based program focusing on health promotion, disease management, and overall wellness.

The resources available for this program range from free on-site exercise facilities and gym-fee reimbursement program to a points program that enables employees the opportunity to reduce insurance premiums by participating in activities focusing on overall wellbeing.

In this way, although Garver Wellness offers innovative and comprehensive wellness services, it’s employees who are empowered to take responsibility for their overall well-being. They’re the ones who make the choice to better themselves every day.

To learn more about Garver’s variety of benefits, visit our Careers page.

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