PLK Runway Lighting Rehabilitation

RW Lighting Rehab

In rehabilitating the runway lighting system at M. Graham Clark Downtown Airport near Branson, Missouri, Garver’s design went outside typical methods. To provide a new runway lighting system for a 3,700-foot runway with displaced thresholds, the design utilized shallow base cans, shallow concrete-encased conduit ducts, and a shallow grounding system, and outboard threshold lights mounted on approach-lighting style low-impact-resistant structures. These methods were necessary considering the runway was constructed in a filled-in area between two hills that had been leveled. This resulted in the runway being displaced and having non-standard FAA slopes and safety areas. Garver’s design also included electrical vault modifications with a new home run duct bank that included a new constant regulator, electrical panel, and lighting control panel with pilot-controlled radio.

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Significant embankments start within 10 feet of the runway ends, which presented concerns during design of the runway end lights.
Bart Gilbreath Garver Aviation Electrical Leader

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