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Sound and stable structures

Garver understands how vital dams, levees, grade control structures, and gated structures are to infrastructure and the environment. That’s why our engineers maintain the expertise to provide studies and designs for flood-risk management and navigation, flood damage reduction, irrigation and water supply, and ecosystem restoration projects, as well as stormwater and water distribution modeling. Garver’s civil, electrical, hydrologic, hydraulic, mechanical, and structural design solutions help our clients meet current standards and reduce their exposure to future regulations.

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Norfork Dam Bulkhead

The unique spillway closure system consists of a 130,000-pound maintenance bulkhead that runs along a 667-foot-long steel monorail beam attached to the dam. After motorized trolleys slide the 24-foot-high by 48-foot-wide bulkhead in front of a tainter gate bay, the spillway gate is opened.

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