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DeSoto Water Master Plan

Creating detailed models to determine a 25-year planning horizon

Garver completed a comprehensive water master plan for the City of DeSoto, Texas. Garver developed a distribution system hydraulic model and allocated demands based on parcel data. During the demand evaluation, we identified a discrepancy between the anticipated demand distribution of the pressure planes and the historical field data for the system’s pump stations. Garver deployed pressure loggers in the system and identified zonal transfers between the pressure planes due to unknown connections in the system. Also, pressure loggers were used to troubleshoot challenges associated with booster pump station operations and large point demands within the system.

We completed evaluations of the City’s storage tanks, including computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling to confirm the hydraulic issues associated with the current design and identify any potential operational and/or physical improvements needed to improve mixing in the tanks. This all resulted in a capital improvement phasing plan through the 25-year planning horizon.

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Because the $470 million CIP has a significant impact on customer cities and the facility, it was critical for the process to include the input of all possible stakeholders, and a constant line of communication was crucial throughout the entire process.
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