Water and Wastewater

East Zone 1 Infrastructure Master Plan

Planning for growth by evaluating alternatives

Garver conducted a study to relocate existing water and sanitary sewer lines outside the limits of the airport-controlled portion of Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix, Arizona. The plan is to identify the preferred method to convert Sky Harbor International Airport and associated facilities to commercial customers of the City of Phoenix Water Services Department. It would also meet the growth requirements defined in the Comprehensive Airport Master Plan. The plan includes removing water pipelines from under the runways, which would shut the airport down if they broke.

The evaluation of alternatives included qualitative and quantitative criteria and extensive coordination with two City departments: aviation and water services. In addition, Garver prepared preliminary plans for approximately 40,000 feet of 24-inch waterline. The project required navigating restricted areas within the airport and tight utility corridors, making alignments challenging. Through multi-department coordination, these constraints were addressed.

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Because the $470 million CIP has a significant impact on customer cities and the facility, it was critical for the process to include the input of all possible stakeholders, and a constant line of communication was crucial throughout the entire process.
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