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Huntsville Utilities Hydraulic Modeling

Providing ongoing support to meet increasing water supply demands

Garver performed planning activities to set up project financials, schedules, tools, and templates for Huntsville Utilities’ water distribution model of its potable water distribution system. The client's system serves approximately 95,000 customers using 1,350 miles of main, 32 distribution tanks, 34 booster stations, one groundwater plant, and two surface water plants.

Additionally, Garver added the new Southeast Water Treatment Plant, booster pump station, and other associated infrastructure to the model, and continues to serve as an extension of Huntsville Utilities’ internal staff. Our modelers provide modeling services for current and potential infrastructure growth.

Garver has an ongoing hydraulic modeling services task order with Huntsville Utilities. This task order covers assisting Huntsville Utilities’ staff in answering inquiries from developers, industries, wholesale customers, and others related to water supply, transmission, and demand. It also includes assistance with evaluating scenarios associated with upcoming subdivision additions, water main additions, and booster pumping station additions.

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Because the $470 million CIP has a significant impact on customer cities and the facility, it was critical for the process to include the input of all possible stakeholders, and a constant line of communication was crucial throughout the entire process.
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