Water and Wastewater

SJRA Sanitary Sewer Transmission Assessment and Renewal Program

Using in-depth evaluations and models to prioritize improvements

Garver performed a Sanitary Sewer Transmission Assessment and Renewal Program for San Jacinto River Authority (SJRA)’s entire Woodlands wastewater system. This program prioritizes system renewal investments to mitigate peak flow capacity expansions due to inflow and infiltration (I&I). 

The program included flow monitoring to identify areas of high I&I; a sanitary sewer evaluation survey; condition assessments of manholes, gravity mains, lift stations, force mains, and air release valves; and hydraulic modeling to identify capacity limitations and performance condition scores. These evaluations culminated in a full risk-based asset renewal prioritization and integrated rehabilitation plan. 

Additionally, several in place technologies were used for condition assessments. By using a risk-based asset management approach, SJRA used the final Integrated Rehabilitation Plan as a master planning document to develop its 10-year project plan.

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