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City of Wichita 78" Interceptor

Identifying alternatives to increase service quality

Garver developed and evaluated over 70 corridor options to provide the City of Wichita, Kansas recommendations for relocating a 78-inch sewer in a crowded and well-established area of south Wichita. These options included a risk analysis to determine the most optimized and accessible alignments by using a triple-bottom-line analysis of economic, social, and environmental impacts. 

A hydraulic analysis, using the City’s existing hydraulic model, determined if the sewer line could be downsized without reducing the level of service, particularly with regards to conveyance capacity for wet weather peak flows. Garver is in the process of preparing final plans, including coordination to obtain permits and easement acquisitions necessary for the selected alignment, while also coordinating with utility companies along the project. 

Additionally, Garver provided geotechnical services to determine optimal routing and conducted meetings to collaborate with and inform City staff throughout the project.

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