December 11, 2018

Garver Wellness Program featured in CDC Report

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) published a case study on Garver’s Wellness Program on its Workplace Health Promotion website, which provides resources to help employers design, implement, and evaluate effective workplace health programs

The report, entitled “How To Design, Run, and Manage a Workplace Health Program In-House: Garver’s DIY Story,” was published by the CDC’s Workplace Health Resource Center.

Garver Wellness has served as a key pillar in the company’s growth and recognition. Garver’s award-winning program was started in 2006 by the late Brock Johnson, Garver president and CEO until 2012.

“Through coordination across all levels of the company, we have created a cohesive wellness program that helps our employees thrive,” said Garver Wellness Team Manager Sarah Palmiero.

Garver employees enjoy the benefits of having an in-house Wellness Team available for health consultations, personal training and nutrition assessments, and on-site biometric screenings.

Other Garver Wellness Program benefits include:

  • Free on-site exercise facilities, bike parking, lockers, and showers in certain locations; plus a gym fee reimbursement program at every office.
  • A points program that enables employees the opportunity to reduce insurance premiums by participating in activities focusing on overall well-being, including financial, mental, occupational, physical, and social wellness.
  • Quarterly challenges focusing on healthy behaviors and improving physical health.
  • An internal wellness portal for each employee containing biometric outcome data, plus educational materials like healthy recipes, webinars, exercise videos, finance workshops, and professional development content.
  • The option of using a standing desk, which helps relieve back and neck pain during the day. More than 150 Garver employees have replaced their old desks with standing desks.

“We believe that a strong company isn’t just made up of talented employees, but by talented employees who have balance in their daily lives,” said Palmiero. "We’re dedicated to creating and implementing a long-term, high-impact wellness program that improves the health of our employees, reduces long-term health risks and promotes a culture of well-being in all aspects of their lives."

Last year, 99 percent of Garver employees participated in the Wellness Program, with almost 40 percent earning financial rewards for hitting established benchmarks. Employees on Garver’s health insurance plan have “lifestyle disease” markers lower than the national average in hypertension (33 percent less), chronic back pain (50 percent less), and diabetes (40 percent less).

“Our wellness program helps keep health care claims lower than the national average, allowing Garver to offer quality care to our employees and their families,” said Garver President and CEO Dan Williams. “I am thankful for the foundation laid by my predecessor Brock Johnson and external guidance from our insurance partners Joe Carter and Chris Newell, who helped us shape a program that plays a key role in making Garver an industry leader in employee retention and satisfaction.”

To learn more about Garver's Wellness Program, visit our Health & Rewards page.

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