Public Involvement

Public Involvement, Engagement, and Marketing

Garver's team members are skilled in developing public involvement plans and carrying out public involvement activities. We routinely conduct public outreach, stakeholder interviews, open houses, formal hearings, and individual or group meetings. Our staff is skilled in presenting clear, concise information that is logical to the public. We educate the public on the projects' merits and listen to the public as they provide both positive and constructive suggestions. Garver also fully understands the importance of addressing concerns by involving the correct team members and responding quickly—before small issues become big problems.

When engaging with the public, our marketing and informational efforts include developing and managing project websites, handling and responding to informational requests from the public, producing printed and electronic materials, creating project reports, writing news releases and media advisories, engaging groups through stakeholder meetings, and developing logos and brand guidelines. We understand the importance of providing timely, consistent, and accurate information to the public.

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