Water and Wastewater

Reclamation and Reuse

Expanding water supply portfolios

Reuse or reclaimed wastewater for potable use is classified as either indirect potable reuse (IPR) or direct potable reuse (DPR). Whether it’s IPR or DPR, Garver often assists clients with feasibility studies to develop plans for use of reclaimed water and groundwater, thereby diversifying and expanding a client’s current water supply portfolio. Our experts have extensive reuse regulation knowledge and relationships with state regulators to help the public understand the importance and need of water reuse. We develop multi-phased enhancement projects, integrating the advanced treatment elements necessary for a wastewater treatment plant to achieve the water quality goals associated with IPR and DPR alternatives.

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Lake Thunderbird Water Reuse Pilot

The City of Norman, Oklahoma plans to diversify its surface water and groundwater resources by expanding existing water reclamation and reuse with an indirect potable reuse (IPR) project through Lake Thunderbird.

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