Water and Wastewater

Wastewater Treatment

Sustainably optimizing treatment

As a need for sustainable water increases, Garver has maintained its commitment to providing resilient solutions that result in safe, treated water returning to our communities’ water sources. Garver provides a wide array of services for wastewater treatment. From the moment wastewater enters a treatment plant to when it exits as reclaimed water, Garver’s experts have the detailed knowledge of each process along the way to make sure plants are running smoothly and efficiently. We will perform an in-depth analysis to determine the dynamics and needs of facilities to serve as the foundation of any treatment project. So, whether it’s converting plants from conventional to advanced, upgrading existing systems, or deciding which path to take, Garver can help.

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Norman WRF Phase 2 Upgrade and Expansion

The Norman Water Reclamation Facility (WRF) project involved rehabilitation, repurposing, and new construction on major aspects of the plant. It represented the largest capital improvement project in Norman’s history and the largest Oklahoma Clean Water State Revolving Fund loan at the time of award.

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